James Lister.
James Lister. Sean Teuma

YOUR SAY: Lister says everyone will be heard on split

MEMBER for the Southern Downs James Lister vows to represent all views in parliament in regards to de-amalgamation of the Southern Downs Regional Council.

THE gathering of nearly 1,300 people in Stanthorpe on Sunday, combined with the petition signed by more than 5,000 people has made it clear that the people of the Granite Belt want to have a direct say about how they are governed at a local government level.

I attended and addressed the rally and on Monday I was present at Parliament House in Brisbane when Alan Colyer and Amanda Harold presented the petition to the Clerk of the Parliament.

I said in my address to the rally, and also to the television and newspaper reporters there, that my job is not to take sides, but to represent everyone in Southern Downs, including those who may oppose or support the creation of a Granite Belt Regional Council.

My priority as our member of parliament is to make sure that due process is made available and that everyone is able to have their say.

The Minister for Local Government has outlined the process for communities wishing to de-amalgamate.

This process includes the examination of a thorough business case, the approval of the council, and a vote by the people.

I met the Minister for Local Government in the lift at Parliament House on Monday morning.

He gave me his assurance that he would allow this process to take its course without interference.

I am closely following the concerns of the people, and I will do everything I can to allow everyone to have their say, either for or against.

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