Riley Dobson does a burnout at the property of his family in Thagoona.
Riley Dobson does a burnout at the property of his family in Thagoona. Contributed

YOUR SAY: Burnout boy divides opinion on Facebook

VIDEO of a five-year-old boy burning rubber in his dad's burnout car created polarising opinions with readers.

Thagoona dad Alex Dobson and his son Riley became overnight sensations after a video of the five-year-old doing a burnout by himself was released last week.

The video caption read: "When your 5-year-old says... Dad, can I do a burnout? Sure son, no worries."

"Remember, a car addiction stops a drug addiction."

The clip has more than 14,000 likes, almost 50,000 shares and 3.4 million views on Mr Dobson's Facebook account.

Some people thought it was normal for a boy growing up in the country to drive around his property, others thought doing a burnout was too extreme.

Stephen Hamer: Cops really need to get their noses out of this one and as for the child protection agency, well we all know how good they are at their job. Pathetic waste of resources.

Cam Jay: Location, location, location, I have no problem with kids in motorsport but residential environment with no safety equipment is moronic and to encourage it equally as stupid.

Get the insurance and keep it to the track.

Shane Brass: Could be the next burnout master.

Julie Ann Jones: Teaching the next generation of hoons.

Juan Delgado: I heard about this on the radio this morning, he got his car confiscated.

Mr Dobson, who has been Riley's sole parent for four years, was quick to point out that the video was shot in a private driveway.

"We built the car together, whatever we do we do together," he said.

"I wouldn't chuck a normal five-year-old in the car. It's taken me years of having him on my lap with him putting it into gear, him using the break and accelerator.

"He's done it all by himself countless times. This was the first time I wasn't in the car with him."

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