Rainbow - Marriage Equality
Rainbow - Marriage Equality Tony Martin

You may kiss the spouse

CELEBRANTS in Stanthorpe have their work cut out for them as new wedding terminology has been distributed to reflect the new marriage definition. Stanthorpe celebrant Christopher Desgrand said the forms sent out by the Attorney-General's office have only guided the notice of intention.

"For me the biggest change is going back across the marriage material I've gathered for the past forty years, most of which is gender specific,” he said.

"So the business of altering all those resources so that it speaks to the couples is probably the single biggest task that I've got in front of me.”

Mr Desgrand said he has no real issues with the change in the forms.

"I'm endeavouring that if a same-sex couple come to me and I send out my preparation material they actually speak to their situation.

"So instead of man and woman it would be man and man or woman and woman or other cases.”

Celebrants have also been guided to use words such as "spouse” to refer to intersex, non-binary or transgender people.

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