Not just jocks: Aussie hero to become Captain Underpants?

AUSSIE legend Daniel McConnell is in talks to star in his own movie.

The Hendra man was declared a hero last week for chasing down a motorist attempting to run from the scene of an accident in nothing but his "jocks".

In just a few hours of his interview with the Today show going to air, Mr McConnell was a viral internet star.

The 30-year-old then found himself in a bidding war between Seven and Nine, deciding to go with Seven's Sunrise because he is a big fan of the breakfast show's co-host Kochie.

His clip now has more than 23 million views and has earned him fans everywhere from the UK to Bermuda.

He has been showered with gifts, including plenty of pairs of undies and an offer from a Chermside dentist to give him a new smile.

Speaking to APN, the father-of-four said he was still adjusting to his newfound fame.

"Mate, my 15 minutes of fame has been going for four days now," he said.

He is in talks today with the owner and manager of New Farm Cinemas and the Yatala Drive-in, who are trying to get a movie about Mr McConnell off the ground using crowdfunding.

Cinema manager Mike Galakatos's family owns the shop that was damaged by the driver Mr McConnell pursued.

It is unclear at this stage if it will be a scripted film or if cameras will simply follow Mr McConnell in his daily life.

For the time being they are referring to the project as the "Captain Underpants" movie.

You can check out the project's crowdfunding page here.

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