Woman used pumpkin knife to slash boyfriend's throat

FROM cutting pumpkin for a home cooked meal to a slashed throat, a quiet night went haywire for Michael Collin Parcell.

The then-50 year old was preparing dinner in his Gympie flat when an argument sparked between him and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Hazel Marie Chilly, in June, 2011.

Mr Parcell's memory of the altercation is hazy but he ended up with a cut across his throat and a vase over his head.
Crown prosecutor Glenn Cash told the Brisbane Supreme Court, where Chilly was sentenced for doing grievous bodily harm, the knife Mr Parcell had used to prepare his dinner was introduced in the altercation.

"It seems tolerably clear the knife came into the mix... the defendant presented it in such a way it has come into contact with the neck causing the most significant injury (Mr Parcell) suffered," he said.

Mr Parcell also sustained lacerations to his face and the back of his head, after being struck in the head with a vase, the court heard.

Mr Cash said Mr Parcell went to hospital where he was treated for three days and received staples for his injuries.
Chilly, 37, left the flat and stayed at a friend's house, Mr Cash said, before returning the next day.

Police were at the flat when Chilly, who sustained a lip laceration and two black eyes in the struggle, said she had been "beaten up" by a male flatmate. She was arrested soon after.

Chilly was scheduled to face trial yesterday on Thursday for grievous bodily harm with intent but pleaded guilty to an alternative charge and was sentenced.

Mr Cash said Mr Parcell had little recollection of the events.

But the defence claimed the fight began after Mr Parcell asked Chilly for sex.

The court heard the pair had been drinking before the fight. Chilly often stayed at Mr Parcell's flat but they slept in separate rooms. Chilly's defence barrister said his client had a drug and alcohol dependent history but had sought help recently.

Justice David Boddice sentenced Chilly to two and half years jail but ordered her immediate parole.

Gympie Times

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