Winter 'heatwave' to sweep Toowoomba for next week. Higgins Storm Chasing.
Winter 'heatwave' to sweep Toowoomba for next week. Higgins Storm Chasing. Contributed

Winter ‘heatwave’ expected for Toowoomba next week

YES, it has been cold. Yes, temperatures have dropped to below freezing. But a winter heatwave is about to sweep Toowoomba and most of Queensland.

A lot of areas across the state will see temperatures of up to 10 degrees above average, including the Garden City.

Although this week has brought some chilly temperatures, it has been unusually warm this winter, but things will ramp up with temperatures sitting in the low 20s from today.

Today has a maximum of 22 degrees with only light winds.

Tomorrow will range between seven and 21 degrees and Sunday will have a maximum of 23 degrees.

According to Higgins Storm Chasing, across the next seven days a high pressure system is expected to become planted over southern Queensland with a ridge extending into northern and central Queensland.

This entire system which is also likely to affect the majority of eastern Australia, is likely to produce clear and sunny conditions for the most part. Its also likely to draw off a warm air mass situated over the state resulting in an increase in daytime maximum temperatures.

While some places across the Darling Downs will still record low temperatures in the morning, which may result in frost, Higgins Storm Chasing still referred to it as a 'winter heatwave' due to the abnormally warm temperatures in the day.

They go on to further explain the term 'winter heatwave.'

"While technically speaking it isn't a heatwave given its only winter and temperatures are in the mid 20's not mid 40's, by numerical reality, it is a heatwave to a degree."

"What we mean by this is, the thresholds for heatwave criteria are about four to five degrees above average for both maximum and minimum temperatures for at least three days.

"Due to the clear skies, minimum temperatures are expected to be normal, if not below average with light frost still expected over the Darling Downs, Granite Belt and western parts of south east Queensland most mornings.

"It's solely the daytime temperatures which are roasting." 

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Crock said Toowoomba's average temperature for July was 16.5 degrees.

"You will find Toowoomba is well above that this week, especially on Sunday and Monday reaching 23 degrees," he said.

"While the mornings will indeed be cool, the days will turn out to be nice and warm.

"A strong trough is coming through late next week and depending on what that brings will depend if we head back to more average temperatures."


  • Today: Min 4 Max 22
  • Tomorrow: Min 7 Max 21
  • Sunday: Min 4 Max 23
  • Monday: Min 8 Max 23
  • Tuesday: Min 11 Max 21
  • Wednesday: Min 8 Max 20
  • Thursday: Min 10 Max 19

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