My Kitchen Rules contestants Will and Steve.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Will and Steve. Channel 7

Will and Steve’s My Kitchen Rules hat trick

POMMIES Will and Steve have cemented their spot as the team to beat on My Kitchen Rules.

The Sydneysiders earned their first perfect scores from judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans in their ultimate instant restaurant tonight.

Their risk of serving pigeon paid off in the first course, with Evans calling the salad the most elegant dish ever served on the show.

"They say you should never judge a book by its cover," Evans said.

"Fellas it was a sensational start to a three-course meal. This is probably the most beautiful dish I've ever seen on My Kitchen Rules, ever."

Their Moreton Bay Bugs also went down a treat.

"I just loved your dish," Feildel said.

"I really thought it wasn't going to work because the bisque is so rich and the remoulade is so rich.

"I'm happy to have it again.

"I think you've set the bar very high for yourselves, so good luck because it has to be as good or better than this."

The best mates did just that, service up two faultless dishes which earned them their first 10's.

"You're not going anywhere if you keep cooking like this," Feildel said of the lamb.

"Guys you've done a bloody great job on this main course."

Evans said the pork belly was the kind of dish he'd dreamt about getting served.

"Every year when we start My Kitchen Rules I think about the type of dish that I'd love to eat, and that right there in that bowl is exactly what I dream of," Evans said.

"It's no bells and whistles. It's beautiful technique. There are no fancy ingredients in there… that's the secret and you nailed it.

"I didn't think you'd be able to top the entrée but you did. This is perfection."

As with the previous two ultimate instant restaurants, Will and Steve finished on a low note with their burnt and crumbly apple tart.

"After the last two courses it's gone down big time," Feildel said.

"If you want to win the competition you're going to have to work hard on your desserts."

But their confidence was boosted by Evan's judgment of their other dessert, an intense chocolate and honeycomb bar.

"Do you boys play cricket, watch cricket? That to me was a hat trick," Evans said.

"I know your almond honeycomb chocolate bar isn't exactly as you would have liked it but tasting it, I thought it was pretty well spot-on. It was rich, it was bitter. It was everything you expect in a chocolate dessert. You look at it and you don't think there's much there but that texture was absolutely phenomenal."

Will and Steve now sit at the top of the leaderboard with their score of 79 out of 100.

Jac and Shaz will host their ultimate instant restaurant in Mt Isa on Sunday.



Will and Steve's menu

Entrée: Pigeon salad with caramelized pear and asparagus

Entrée: Moreton Bay Bugs with celeriac remoulade and seafood bisque

Main: Lamb back strap with pumpkin hummus and charred Brussels Sprouts

Main: Pork belly with apple, fennel and Colcannon

Dessert: Almond honeycomb chocolate bar

Dessert: Apple tart with rum and raisin ice cream and butterscotch sauce

Score: 79

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