J'Nette Harvey is dreaming of a white Christmas.
J'Nette Harvey is dreaming of a white Christmas.

OPINION: Why I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

LETTER: As I sit at my laptop in our 36 degrees heat, I am looking at photos of falling snow in the local neighbourhoods of my friends in Canada and the US.

Ah yes, in the words of Irving Berlin, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas".

I have had my fair share of white Christmases.

In rural areas of North America, the snow stays a pristine white with its weight causing the branches of trees to droop. Christmas card, picture perfect.

If it's cold enough, long enough, the lakes freeze over - enabling locals to go ice fishing and skating on the frozen surfaces.

The tree sap freezes and causes the wood to snap creating a sharp crack, almost like a stock whip in the eerie quiet. Yes, Christmas card, picture perfect.

However, a snow fall in the city is a different matter. Driveways and side walks need to be shovelled. They become brown, slushy, slippery and difficult to navigate. Not pleasant at all.

My favourite memory is of a wintertime trip to Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies.

Everyone recognises the famous photo of the clear blue waters of Lake Louise, nestled in the snow capped mountains.

That particular year the lake was frozen solid, so much so that the (hopefully) annual ice craving competition went ahead.

The ice carvings were something to behold, initially begun with chainsaws and delicately finished off with a small chisel.

The image that stays with me, however, is of the huge Clydesdale horses - steam coming off their coats and nostrils, as they pulled their large sleigh around the edges of the frozen lake.

Sleigh bells ringing ... it felt like we were back in the 19th Century.

What a wonderful winter wonderland sight and sound it was.

Ah, yes, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" ... as I turn on the air conditioning.

J'NETTE HARVEY, Rangeville

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