We All Have a Role in Building Resilience

Building resilience and helping each other bounce back when things get tough is the focus of the autumn edition of Ruth magazine, produced quarterly by the Queensland Country Women's Association.

Association state president Robyn McFarlane said the organisation had an affinity with people in crisis.

"We know that when people face the stress of drought, flood or other disasters the last thing they need is a mental illness label," she said.

"Severely stressed people need support, a friendly ear and some assistance to get through the hard times. This is what the QCWA's 'Bouncing Back' strategy is all about."

Renowned for its practical, caring assistance to those in need, the association has been reaching out to Queenslanders for more than 90 years.

Its Public Rural Crisis Fund has donated more than $200,000 to families in need, helping not only the recipient but also local businesses that benefit from cash being spent locally.

The autumn edition of Ruth has a simple but effective guide that we can all follow to help individuals, families and communities bounce back from crisis.

It also introduces a group of inspirational ladies who love to sail, while Alison Alexander packs a perfect picnic and their crafty folk share ideas for hair flowers, knitted scarves and nautical bracelets.

All sales of Ruth go towards the work of the association, including its Rural Crisis Fund.

Ruth is available at most news agencies, ARM newspaper offices and the QCWA in Gregory Terrace, Brisbane.

Subscriptions are available by phoning 46909300. 

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