Wave of support for a water park in Toowoomba

Toowoomba residents are calling for a water park.
Toowoomba residents are calling for a water park.

A MASSIVE response on The Chronicle's Facebook page has shown there is still plenty of interest for a water park in Toowoomba.

More than 40,000 people viewed the Chronicle's Facebook post which asked if Toowoomba needed a water park. It is still a major talking point in the community.

Suggestions ranging from an artificial beach such as the one at Brisbane's South Bank Parklands all the way to fully fledged Wet'n'Wild-style theme park filled the comments sections with everyone agreeing it was time a new water attraction was built.

In March Toowoomba businessman Paul Worrall mentioned in a Chronicle opinion column that an artificial beach would be one of the biggest benefits to the Toowoomba community.

No water park? What about an adventure park?

Remember when Willow Springs was the place to be?

Mr Worrall's comments were met with multiple thumbs up from readers and eight months later it seems public opinion hasn't changed.

Toowoomba mother-of-two Rachel Morris said a water park would be the perfect addition to the local community.

"Currently, families have to drive to Brisbane or the Gold Coast to visit a water park," Ms Morris said.

"It would be a great place for the young people of the region as well as an ideal spot for families.

"If someone were to build a water park I'm sure it would be a popular attraction."

Of the more than 1000 comments on the Chronicle's Facebook page, Queens Park was a popular location for a potential water park while barbecues and areas for families with young children was also high on people's wish list.

The water park discussion has also created plenty of nostalgia for former Toowoomba theme park Willow Springs.

Built in 1973 and closed in 1997, the 5ha adventure park featured dual water slides, a swimming pool, flying fox, skating rink and dodgem cars.

What our readers think

  • "Yes. Definitely. There is no beaches close by so the next best option is a water park for both families and Kids." - D'arne Rathbone
  • "Yes. For sure. We need more things we can do with our kids without spending a fortune - Katherine Farris
  • "Sure does. With the weather getting hotter each year it will give the kids something to do and keep them off the streets."- Dayle Nixon
  • "Toowoomba needs some sort of theme park. Why should the Gold Coast have all the fun." - Micheal Johnson

Would a water park be successful in Toowoomba?

This poll ended on 14 December 2013.

Current Results





This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

  • "A great idea. We grew up always visiting Willow Springs." - Peta Jephcott
  • "Toowoomba has grown heaps since Willow Springs closed down and i think it is about time to bring back a water park for the region." - Deborah Pierssene Meyer.
  • "An area like South Bank would be wonderful with a water area and rock pool for little ones to explore." - Kirsty Churchill
  • "Definitely. Saves a drive to the Gold Coast and would keep the money in town." - Jim McSparron
  • "Absolutley. I have been saying this since moving here from Brisbane last year." - Peta Masih
  • "I Remember taking my kids to Willow Springs. It was a great day out and well priced. - Lyn Carroll

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