Are we being ripped off at the petrol bowser?

WATCH: Is this proof we're ripped off at the petrol pump?

DON'T panic: our fuel bowsers haven't been designed to rip us off when we're not even using them.  

A video posted online of the cents ticking over on a petrol bowser while the nozzle was being unused, and held in the air, was nearly a year old and very the event was a rare occurrence.  

Mitchell Batchelor captured the footage in July last year while he was at a BP station and it quickly went viral with more than 60,000 shares.  


The video appeared on social media again this week, prompting the thought it might be recent footage.  

But a BP spokeswoman explained the incident "occurred in July 2014 at one of our independent dealer-owned sites".  

"This was a one-off issue caused by a filter blockage in the bowser," she said.  

"Such filters are used to ensure only quality fuel is pumped into vehicles.  

"As soon as the customer on the video alerted team members to the situation they prevented future use of the bowser and contacted technicians to investigate and resolve the issue.  

"At no time after the team members were alerted to the issue was the fuel pump available for usage.  

"The customer was compensated for the inconvenience caused by the bowser fault.  

"This was a highly unusual situation and the team members acted swiftly and appropriately to rectify."  

The RACQ's Michael Roth agreed it "didn't happen often".  

"The Office of Fair Trading has auditing processes which check pumps are accurate," Mr Roth said.  

"They go and do random checks and our understanding is the pumps are quite accurate," he said.   "It is very rare for them to find a problem."  

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