Dwayne Wickham, boyfriend to alleged murder victim Corinne Henderson leaving the courthouse.
Dwayne Wickham, boyfriend to alleged murder victim Corinne Henderson leaving the courthouse.

‘Was it worth it?’ Man asks after allegedly stabbing ex-partner

DANE Andrew Pilcher asked a man "was it worth it?" after allegedly stabbing the man's new girlfriend Corinne Henderson to death, a court has been told.

Police bodycam footage from the night of Ms Henderson's death has been shown in the second day of Pilcher's Townsville Supreme Court trial.

Pilcher has pleaded not guilty to murdering his ex-partner Ms Henderson in her Idalia unit about 11pm on September 26, 2015.

Crown prosecutor Michael Cowen QC is alleging Pilcher had been unable to move on after his breakup with Ms Henderson.

He told the court on Monday that Pilcher stabbed Ms Henderson 21 times less than an hour after seeing a Facebook photo of her at the races with Dwayne Wickham.

Senior Constable Ian Wanchap told the court today he arrived at Sanctuary Apartments at 11.01pm on September 26 and met Pilcher in front of a unit.

He testified that Pilcher said to him "I did it mate, I did it. She is dead inside".

Sen-Constable Wanchap's bodycam footage, played to the court, showed the officer walking into the unit.

He walked through to a bedroom, where a woman was lying on the ground, dressed in underwear and a singlet. Her body appeared to be covered in blood.

Sen-Constable Wanchap said Pilcher was arrested and escorted downstairs, towards a police van.

"Dwayne Wickham was approximately five to ten metres away from the van which we were actually approaching, we were approximately six metres from Dwayne, Dane Pilcher stated 'It was a shame, Dwayne'," he said.

"As we got to the van, we started addressing Pilcher's wounds. At that stage I had yet to shift Mr Wickham.

"Mr Pilcher then stated 'Was it worth it Dwayne'."

Sen-Constable Wanchap said he asked Mr Wickham to be shifted out of Pilcher's sight.

"As Dwayne passed us, passed behind me, Mr Pilcher said 'Did you get your shot away Dwayne?'"

Mr Wickham yesterday told the court that Ms Henderson told him Pilcher was there and to go into the bathroom.

Sen-Constable Gerrad Kennedy's bodycam footage was also shown to the court.

After seeing the woman's body, Sen-Constable Kennedy walked to a closed door inside the unit.

Shortly a voice was heard to say "We've got him in custody, unlock the door. It's the police, get out".

After some inaudible speaking, a man was heard to say "As long as I'm not out there with him because he's ..."

The reply was "Mate he's with us".

The other man replied "I don't want to go down there with him because he's coming after me, that's all".

A short time later the door opened and police handcuffed the man.

A number of Sanctuary Apartments residents testified today.

Human resources officer Roxanne Parker told the court she heard a "bang" on the night of September 26 and went into her daughter's room, which she said was adjacent to Ms Henderson's apartment.

She said she heard a male voice say "F---. Were these f------ flowers from him?"

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