Mozzies pose threat after floods

MOSQUITO populations in the Southern Downs region are on the increase following the recent rain and flood events.

Mayor Ron Bellingham said mozzies posed a health risk as they transmitted diseases such as Ross River and Barmah Forest Virus.

He said the council was acting to control mosquito populations with monitoring and spraying.

“Residents and businesses can also play an important role by stopping mosquitoes from breeding in backyards,” Cr Bellingham said.

“Mosquitoes breed in water and are most abundant in water containers and rubbish holding water, so by removing accumulated water sources around your home or business you are also removing potential breeding sites for mosquitoes.”

The mayor said the council's staff was monitoring ponded waters and treating where mosquito larvae are found.

“We're treating where necessary with chemical controls, keeping in mind fish in some areas feed on the mosquito larvae,” he said.

“If residents are concerned about ponded water they can contact council's customer service section and request environmental health officers to investigate for potential mosquito breeding.

Call 46610300 (Warwick) or 46815500 (Stanthorpe).

Mozzie tips

Council advises residents to:

Empty pot plant saucers often or fill them with sand to absorb any water.

Regularly empty all containers (buckets, bird baths, pet drinking water containers, tyres) and other objects that may hold water and wipe out the containers to remove mosquito eggs.

Ensure water tanks have screens that prevent mosquito access.

Keep swimming pools well chlorinated or salted and free of accumulated leaf debris and empty wading pools after use.

Remove leaves and debris from roof guttering regularly.

Remove weeds, grass and debris from the edges of dams and other waterways.

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