Football Stanthorpe president Cameron Gow.
Football Stanthorpe president Cameron Gow.

Waiting game: No verdict on fate of football season

DESPITE Football Stanthorpe giving clubs until last night to decide the fate of the 2020 season, no decision has been made.

The competition’s six clubs were supposed to deliberate on their position throughout last week, before coming back to Football Stanthorpe.

But, clubs have sought more information before giving a yes or no.

It’s thought it’ll be another two weeks before a decision is now made.

“The clubs seem positive. Obviously they have questions about certain things like venue management plans and stuff like that,” FS president Cameron Gow said.

From the meeting, a list of questions were generated and sent to Football South West Queensland today.

“It still could go either way,” Mr Gow said.

“We’ve prepared four or five different draw options and under the rules we can’t go ahead unless all clubs agree.

“We’re moving as quickly as we can.

“Some clubs are more keen than others. No one gave an outright no. One or two want more information before making a decision.”

Mr Gow said the season needed to be manageable and for there to be enough volunteers in place for it to progress.

“We’re leaning towards running a season providing the rules aren’t too honerous.”

One stumbling block is player expense. If, as is likely, there will be less than a dozen games played in the season then how many will be happy to stump up their registration fees.

Mr Gow says they’ve discussed how they reduce fees to make it more attractive.

A response from Football South West Queensland is expected by early next week at the latest.

Football Stanthorpe will then meet again, with the hope of getting closer to a final decision.

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