JEAN GENIE: Vinnies manager, Debbie Craven with shop volunteers, Dorothy, Ann and Rebecca.
JEAN GENIE: Vinnies manager, Debbie Craven with shop volunteers, Dorothy, Ann and Rebecca. DEIRDRE SMITH

Vinnies half-price denim for three days

DENIM is famous in movies, such as James Dean's jeans in 'Giant' and even songs, with Skyhooks, the classic Australian band singing about 'Blue Jeans'.

Vinnies now want to share that love. July is Denim Month and to celebrate, all denim items will be reduced by 50 per cent for three days, Thursday, July 18 to Saturday, July 20.

And while when you say denim, it's logical to think of jeans, there is a whole lot more than that, with classic denim jackets, versatile long-sleeved dresses, a shoulder bag and even a tiny pair of babies shorts from the iconic American brand, Wrangler. Denim also pops up on shoes, although the shop has none in stock at the moment.

For the period of the promotion, jeans which usually sell for $6 will now be $3.

Vinnies shop manager, Deb Craven said the op shop group is promoting denim as it is 'warm and hardy and great for round the farm'.

The strong blue cotton twill fabric, originally called serge de Nimes from the city in France where it was manufactured, was regarded as only suitable for workmen's pants. In the 50s, those same Levi's jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion. By the 80s, it became high fashion with a controversial advertising campaign by American designer, Calvin Klein featuring young model, Brooke Shields.

The stores are also being encouraged to decorate their displays accordingly and the best-dressed will win a $100 voucher, to be used by volunteers and staff on a celebration. See Vinnies Stanthorpe page for more details.

Vinnies is located at 21 Creek Street, Stanthorpe.

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