Warwick State High School.
Warwick State High School.

Unrest over schools future

COMMUNITY unrest lingers as Warwick State High School reaches the final stage of the community consultation phase of its master plan proposal.

Despite general acceptance of the new plan, Save Our Slade co-ordinator Margaret McKinnon said the master plan was not good enough and a second campus must be considered.

"It is ludicrous that the Queensland government entertains the idea of expending further public monies at the current site of Warwick State High School," Mrs McKinnon said.

"The already overcrowded site of approximately six acres accommodating more than 1000 students is a concrete jungle - space has run out."

The final master plan community consultation on Wednesday night again ruled out the option of purchasing another campus, but many issues and recommendations were raised by attendees.

Councillor Ross Bartley questioned the whereabouts of student and staff parking once the current car park is built on.

Principal Cheryl Dossetto said the query would be added to the list of things that needed consideration, but did not have an immediate answer.

With the school already perched near two busy roads, more students would create more traffic and attendees agreed the safety of students crossing Victoria St to reach Hamilton Oval needed attention.

Warwick resident John Randall said the master plan was great for the moment, but long-term would not cater for Warwick's growing population.

"It's great for what we've got at them moment in 2012, but when you look 10 to 15 years ahead, there's no way the existing footprint will cater," Mr Randall said.

Enrolments for 2011 were 1009 and currently stand at 1022, with a site capacity of 1110 students. Projections for 2015 predict 1112 students with 1,405 by 2031.

South Queensland representative of the Queensland Teachers Union Zeb Sigden said the high school's consultation period was an important part of the master plan process and would better the future outcome for the entire community.

"The option to put in feedback up until next Friday is fantastic," Mr Sigden said.

If you would like to have your say, contact the High School at: the.principal@warwickshs.eq.edu.au

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