Unit block application submitted

DESPITE the 10 submissions, a petition carrying 54 signatures against it and a voting division in council, a planning application for eight units on Warwick's Bisley Street slipped through at this week's planning committee meeting.

Planning officers recommended the material change of use be approved for the two-storey townhouses, subject to conditions.

Planning director Ken Harris explained the plot of land had already been subdivided, with planning approval given for 12 units.

“The people that objected this time didn't object in the first instance,” he said.

“I see this as phase two of the project.”

Those objecting to the development said they were concerned about increasing traffic in the area and prob- lems with water drainage.

Planning officers said conditions placed on the applicant would help smooth out these problems.

Submitters also expressed concern about loss of privacy as the second storey of the houses would overlook neighbouring houses.

Another planning condition to solve this will be that second-storey windows will have to be opaque.

“The existing 12 units are more likely to have an impact on the issues the submitters have raised, and they are already approved,” Mr Harris said.

Deputy Mayor Peter Blundell said it was difficult toignore the number of submissions, but “due to the report” he was compelled to approve it.

Councillors Jo McNally, Denise Ingram, Vic Pennisi and Ross Bartley voted against the motion.

Cr Pennisi said he was voting against it because he was concerned units were being built in areas that were not necessarily the best locations for them.

However, councillors Peter Blundell, Mally McMurtrie and Cameron Gow voted in favour, with Councillor Neil Meiklejohn providing the casting vote.

The application will have to go through next Wednesday's general meeting before it is given the final nod.

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