THE NSW Government must start enforcing their own state laws and their Queensland counterparts must reintroduce a waste levy in order to stop south-east Queensland, including Ipswich, from being the dumping capital of Australia.

That is the word from Acting Mayor Paul Tully in the wake of stunning revelations in a Four Corners program on ABC TV last night.

The program revealed that hundreds of tonnes of waste each week was being transported from northern NSW to south-east Queensland.

The program showed how some of that waste was being dumped at the Cleanaway site at New Chum in Ipswich.

Cr Tully said NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian needed to ensure her government enforced its own laws.

"NSW law requires waste to be dumped no more than 150km from its source but the NSW Government is turning a blind eye to that," he said.

"That is just absolutely appalling that they are breaking NSW laws and the state government of NSW is doing nothing about it."

Screenshot from Monday's Four Corners episode.
Screenshot from Monday's Four Corners episode. Four Corners, ABC

Cr Tully said Campbell Newman scrapped the Queensland waste levy in 2012 "immediately opening the floodgates of waste from NSW".

"Neither the State Government nor the council can control the movement of waste between one state and another," he said.

"Free trade across states has been protected under the Constitution since 1901.

"But the previous (Queensland) government abolished the waste levy.

"That waste levy made it uneconomic for waste to be transported from NSW into Queensland.

"The NSW waste levy is $138 a tonne. If Queensland reintroduces a waste levy it would become uneconomic for this waste to be transported into Queensland overnight."

Cr Tully said locals were sick of the unending stream of trucks coming into Ipswich hauling rubbish from New South Wales.

"We're being flooded with hundreds of trucks a week and the people of Ipswich have had a gutful of it," he said.

"It's coming up the M1, Logan Motorway and the Ipswich Motorway as well as the inland route right into Ipswich.

"We're becoming the waste dump capital of south-east Queensland."

Cr Tully said waste operators were making a mockery of fair play between states by dumping over a million tonnes of waste in Queensland each year.   

"This interstate trade could be wiped out overnight with a Queensland waste levy which would make it uneconomic to transport waste from NSW," he said.

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