Joe Manganiello in a scene from the hit TV series True Blood.
Joe Manganiello in a scene from the hit TV series True Blood. Contributed by Foxtel publicity

Werewolf's primal urges explored in season final

BEING pack master is hard work.

That's what actor Joe Manganiello's character Alcide Herveaux has discovered in this season of True Blood.

The hunky werewolf had little time to settle into his new role as the alpha male of Bon Temp's wolf pack before the fate of orphaned young wolf Emma tested his resolve.

"I think people need to stop pushing him," Manganiello told The Guide during his recent visit to Sydney.

"I think people need to stop pointing guns at him; women need to stop cheating on him."

As the final episode of the sixth series of the supernatural show nears, it looks like Alcide might be leaving the pack behind entirely.

There's only so much dissent among the ranks one man/wolf can take.

True Blood season six final - Showcase - Monday at 7.30pm

"On a personal level, I don't like anyone who's going to be insubordinate and in my face," he said.

"Those scenes with Ricky yelling, shoving and hitting me, you know 'who do you think you are?'.

"You're in character but there's someone standing in front of you screaming, saying emasculating things.

"There's a bit of you that just can't be numb to that. You want to put their head through a window or something. It just makes you crazy."

Manganiello thanks his Sicilian heritage for helping him to transform into an angry beast.

"We're very hot-blooded Mediterranean people. It's never very far from the surface for me," he laughed.

"I definitely feel bad for Alcide with all he has to put up with. I think he's better off as a lone wolf. I think that's what he is.

"He's not a pack animal; he's an individual. But what's going to be fascinating down the road is what he takes from this chapter. I think it makes him a better protector."

Manganiello sees the werewolves, and Alcide in particular, as the show's exploration of the animalistic side of men.

"Where vampires are explorations of other themes, like tolerance or a bourgeois upper class, werewolves are an exploration of that animal that is still very ingrained in man.

"A man is supposed to protect … no matter how much society changes or things change, it's just natural to the DNA of a man," he said.

And many fans are hoping Alcide will be protecting Sookie, True Blood's half-fairy half-human heroine played by Anna Paquin, in the already-confirmed seventh season.

That is, of course, if she doesn't become Warlow's immortal fairy/vampire bride.

"Everybody loves Alcide and Sookie; it's really interesting to me," Manganiello said.

"I had the opportunity to spend two seasons looking at the ensemble and Sookie's potential suitors (before joining the show in season three) and I thought 'what's she missing?'. He's this country guy who's simple in the right ways, and complex enough in all these other ways.

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