BREAKING – EMERGENCY crews are still dousing flames at the scene of a massive truck fire near Inglewood this morning.

The driver of a triple road train carrying a full load of hay bales was forced to pull off the Cunningham Highway about 10 kilometres west of Inglewood shortly before 9am when he noticed his load was on fire.

It is believed the truck’s exhaust ignited uncovered hay on the first trailer, with the driver engaged in a frantic attempt to jack the trailer up in order to unhitch the prime mover before it caught fire.

But onlookers said despite his efforts the fire quickly spread and the prime mover was soon engulfed in a ball of flame, with witness Rod Pavey saying there was "nothing left of it, the engine was melted and the whole thing was just burnt to a crisp."

The badly-shaken driver fortunately escaped injury, with the owner of the truck not known at this stage.

The incident took place near the turnoff to the John Dee Yarranbrook feedlot and was attended by police, fire, ambulance and a local State Emergency Service (SES) crew.

Mr Pavey – who was passing through the scene on his way to Allora and captured images of the fire – said a loader had to be brought in to break up the hay in order to douse it on the roadway.

"They let a few vehicles through at first but they had to close the highway as the smoke was just too thick," he said.

SES spokesman Brad Johnson spoke to the Daily News from the scene about 11am and said flames were still issuing from the truck.

Emergency crews in Warwick were also busy last night attending an accident at the corner of Wood and Guy Streets.

A man had to be cut with the jaws of life from one of three vehicles involved in the collision, which happened just after 9.30pm.

The man was treated by ambulance officers at the scene before being taken to Warwick Hospital in what was reported to be a stable condition.

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