Troubled childhood led Ipswich woman to drug trafficking

LOVE and a troubled childhood led Shantelle Marrii Dodd on a path to trafficking marijuana and methylamphetamines.

But a supreme court justice in Brisbane found mercy for her plight and let her walk free on a suspended jail sentence.

Dodd was born in Ipswich but was eventually taken away from her alcoholic mother at age four.

She has moved between Toowoomba, Charleville and Dalby ever since, mostly staying with various relatives.

Defence barrister James Benjamin said Dodd completed Year 7 and in her own words had "run wild" mostly since, smoking marijuana from age 12.

He said she had an abusive relationship in her teens so when she Patrick Alexander Joseph Wall treated her well when she moved to Dalby, she fell in love.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard she only got caught up in Wall's drug trafficking business later, helping him out of "love" and "youthful foolishness".

Dodd has a new boyfriend and says she has not seen Wall since he was imprisoned.

Crown prosecutor Sam Bain said Dodd was a receptionist for the drug enterprise - organising drug transactions, communicating with customers, collecting money, transporting drugs and counting the proceeds.

He said police uncovered communication revealing her involvement when they seized two mobile phones in an intercept on the Warrego Highway at Blacksoil, near Ipswich.

They also found 4.67kg of marijuana that time and found 111.721g of methylamphetamines, with about 60% purity, during a later intercept but Dodd was not aware Wall was still involved as she had asked him to stop.

Mr Bain said though the trafficking in 2011 was for just five weeks, it was a high scale and intensity with one person buying $1000 worth of drugs.

Justice Glenn Martin sentenced Dodd to 3.5 years jail wholly suspended and told her if she committed any more crimes she could serve that time behind bars.

Wall was sentenced last year to six years jail.

Ipswich man Bernard James O'Keefe, who supplied the drugs to the pair, was sentenced last September to eight years jail. He will be eligible to apply for parole in 2016.

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