Australian boxer Tommy Browne.
Australian boxer Tommy Browne.

Terrible tragedy driving Mundine opponent

BOXING: Tommy Browne is fighting for himself and for his family on Wednesday night when he takes on Anthony 'The Man' Mundine.

The biggest fight of Browne's career, it's an opportunity he doesn't plan on wasting.

Making the most of what is left of his career is important for the 34-year old, whose younger brother David 'Davey' Browne Jr died after sustaining injuries in a 2015 fight on the same card as Tommy.

Davey's career and life was cut short and Tommy never saw his brother get the recognition he deserved.

"I believe he definitely didn't fulfill his career, he deserved a lot more out of the sport than what he was given," Tommy told

Australian boxer Tommy Browne.
Australian boxer Tommy Browne.
Speaking to Browne, you can sense the importance he holds in getting everything he can out of the sport.

It wasn't easy for Browne, who took a considerable amount of time to even get back into a gym after his brother's passing.

"It was very hard, that's the sport that we did as young kids. It's been in our family forever," he said.

"We would train with mum and dad growing up; it was very hard to step back in the gym, even just thinking about the sport.

"For something that we shared together, growing up as young kids up into our adult lives, it's something that doesn't go away."

In the end it was Davey that pushed Tommy back into the ring - against Joe Rea in June, 2016 - for what he thought would be one, last fight.

Tommy Browne and Anthony Mundine.
Tommy Browne and Anthony Mundine.

"I wanted back to the sport; I wanted to have a fight for my brother," he said.

"I wanted to, before I retired, I wanted to go in and have my last fight for him and honour his name.

"And I did that. When I went back I did everything I wanted to do, but I still wasn't satisfied. I still felt that there was little bit more still there for me, and it just dragged me back in there.

"Before I knew it, I was offered another fight six weeks later. It was hard you know there's something still there as a fighter, once it's in your blood, it's hard to go away I guess."

Brother Davey was once a chance to step in as a late injury replacement to fight Mundine in 2015, but Browne is doing this one for himself.

"A win for me is huge. It's definitely going to get me more recognition in Australian sport," he said.

"I'll always carry my brother with me. It's an honour, its special. But this fight is about me, for me and for my family."

And Browne is a man on a mission.

"I still believe I've got a big fight in me, and this is one of them on Wednesday, and I believe I can win this fight," he said.

"I believe I'm a lot faster than him [Mundine], I think I'm fresher than what he is right now."

Browne believes Wednesday night will see two guys put it all out there.

"It's going to be an exciting fight. Both of us, at this time in our career, we're going to be giving it everything.

"There's going to be no excuses at the end for me. I've done everything I could have done to put myself in a position to win the fight.

"I'm going to be giving it everything on Wednesday. Just expect to see my hands raised at the end of the bell."

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