Don’t be afraid to ask questions, there are no silly ones.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, there are no silly ones. Photo Contributed

Time to get cracking now holidays are over

WELL, we have started our journey back to the Gold Coast.

What a holiday! If anyone is thinking of a great family holiday then we highly recommend the journey across the country to see what we have to offer at our very back door.

The beauty about this holiday was there was nothing planned. We just drove for as long as we wanted each day until we found a slice of paradise and stopped for a couple of days. We did get lost once but that's pretty good considering we didn't use GPS. It really wasn't lost though, just a short cut through a dirt track for about two hours.

We should be home by Wednesday, which is fantastic timing. On Monday all tradies and building attachments such as certifiers, architects are back and raring to go after spending all their cash on the Christmas break.

This gives us one week to semi-finalise plans for the last time, shoot around to all our suppliers and lock in some colour, tile and timber choices.

We have some great companies working with us to achieve our goal such as Highgrove bathrooms for all our bathroom, kitchen and laundry fixtures, Furniture One for all our furniture and bedding, CSR Cemintel for our cladding, Langs building supplies and hardware for pretty much everything else, the frame, windows, doors.

Our flooring is coming all the way from Melbourne from our friend Whelan the wrecker, who we met on The Block and Reno Rumble. It is recycled tallow wood from an old sheep shearing shed and looks amazing.

As I mentioned this week is all about going around to each of these suppliers with our plans and making sure that we are all on the same page.

Our home is a brick base sub floor with timber frame and truss and concrete clad. The only concrete slab we have is the garage slab. The rest is a perimeter concrete footing with besser block wall 2400mm high then the timber frame starts. We are ordering the timber frame pre-made from Langs and it takes six weeks to arrive. It must be ordered this week so we can run on schedule.

I haven't mentioned our schedule. We have to be in by June - that's when our family friends come back from travelling Australia and take possession of their home.

I don't know how Jess is going to feel about living in a half-built house again. It's definitely a tight schedule but being on The Block and Reno Rumble has taught us it can be done with hard work and big hours.

So if all gets a tick from Jess, in six weeks our pre-made frame and trusses will arrive and we will have the first plumbing and electrical roughed in, the concrete footings and garage slab poured, and the besser block wall up and waterproofed. I think that part can definitely be complete.


If you choose to use a builder, their interpretation of something could be totally different to yours. It's a potential recipe for disaster. Jess and I have already been caught out, but luckily we caught it early.

As the owner/builder I am taking the role of apprentice to all my trades. That means before we start I am going to ask a lot of questions to help me understand the ins and outs of every square inch of the build and hopefully prevent any dramas that may have arisen.

So number one rule is if you are going to choose a builder, then choose someone who is willing to explain how things are going to get done and what exactly you are getting.

It also pays not to be a know-it-all; suck up your pride and ask some questions because there are no silly ones.

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