OPINION: Miller should look after ALP and resign as minister

Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller was promoted beyond her capabilities, Peter Chapman says.
Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller was promoted beyond her capabilities, Peter Chapman says. Liam Kidston

HAVE you ever heard of the "Peter Principle"?

It basically means that for every employee there comes a time when their further promotion is stopped because they have reached their ceiling of competence.

Many employees realise they have reached this level, but continue to lobby and push for promotions for monetary or prestige reasons.

The realisation that an employee has gone past what they can achieve is usually accompanied by performance mistakes and unfortunately good employees can sometimes be cast out of a job because they were over promoted.

Like in all workplaces this over promotion can also happen in politics.

Good local members can be handed ministerial portfolios which are beyond their abilities.


Such is the case with Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller.

Her mistake riddled first six months in the position of Police Minister has revealed that she doesn't have the ability to handle one of the toughest ministerial portfolios in the Queensland Government.

The only thing saving her is the union clout that she carries.

What Ms Miller needs to consider is how much damage she is doing to the Labor Party by not falling on her sword.

If she truly loves the ALP, as she says, she should write her resignation letter today and stop the blood letting.

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