There isn't a great possibility of river rises this week.
There isn't a great possibility of river rises this week. Gerard Walsh

There is rain coming to the Border ranges

THE Bureau of Meteorology gives Stanthorpe a better chance than Warwick of receiving rain around Thursday.

Senior forecaster Adam Blazak said there would be a lot of cloud cover which would cool the weather down a bit after Monday.

"It should feel a bit like autumn at the end of the week,” he said.

"There will be showers towards the end of the week but may not be enough to water the garden,” he said.

Mr Blazak predicted the heavier falls woould be on the New South Wales side of the border with Stanthorpe a better chance of rain than Warwick.

"The week will start with northerly winds and then on Thursday there will be fresher southeast winds that will bring in colder air and hopefully rain to the Border ranges,” he said.

"Residents shouldn't get too excited about the possiblity of rain during the week.

As for how much, he was talking 5-10mm for the lucky ones.

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