Despite Tamasin's cancer, she still has time to play with her daughter Molly and dog Georgina.
Despite Tamasin's cancer, she still has time to play with her daughter Molly and dog Georgina. Liana Walker

The seven-year-old helping her mum fight cancer

ANY battle with cancer is tough but, for Tamasin Stuart, complications and raising a seven-year-old daughter alone made her battle that much tougher.

She was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March 2017 after going to the doctors with what she thought was a urinary tract infection.

Five days later she had a series of blood tests, urine tests and an ultrasound which found the tumour.

It was removed and she started chemotherapy, which resulted in several complications.

"It was just horrendous. I ended up with shingles and blood clots," she said.

After chemotherapy Ms Stuart had a neobladder put in September.

"After that surgery they discovered there was a leak in the bladder, it was just for some unknown reason."

She had an unsuccessful reconstructive surgery in April and had her third operation in July.

Throughout the whole processes there has been one thing that kept Ms Stuart going - her daughter, Molly.

"She's only a kid, she doesn't deserve heartache.

"I think the best thing was that I was honest with her.

"Molly said 'Mum are you going to die?' and I said 'no I'm not going to die I'm just going to have this yucky treatment but I'll be all good'."

She said the hardest part of the process was being away from Molly.

"I think it's harder on me than her because I can't do what she wants me to do."

Ms Stuart recently received $1000 from Bladder Cancer Awareness Australia as part of a Christmas in July fundraiser to use for some form of relief.

She plans to spend the money on a much-needed holiday for herself and her daughter when she is well enough.

Ms Stuart was also grateful to neighbours Emily and Nick Gilbert who drove her to Brisbane and Toowoomba for all her appointments. She also thanked the local cancer support group for helping her during this time.

She has scans tomorrow and will find out if she is cancer-free by early September.

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