CHEERS TO THAT: Vic Pennisi gives a thumbs up to last year's show.
CHEERS TO THAT: Vic Pennisi gives a thumbs up to last year's show. Matthew Purcell

The Italian family to beat at the Stanthorpe Show

ANYONE who's entered the Stanthorpe Show's Wine, Beer and Preserves category would be familiar with the dynamic duo that is the Smith Street Con.

However after the passing of Natale Nicastro, Vic Pennisi will be entering under the brand for the final time in the 2019 show.

For Cr Pennisi, it's never been about winning the show.

"I enter the competition because it's another level of diversity that our show provides," he said.

"I like to keep the competition alive, so I'm giving people another reason to come to the show."

The Smith Street Con has entered the show for so many years, Cr Pennisi has lost count.

"That was born because my cousin (Mr Nicastro) and I used to make some stuff together. He lived at Smith Street and con was short for the connection," he said.

"Last year when I won the prizes, the look in his eyes was priceless."

Making beers, wines and preserves for several years means Cr Pennisi knows all the tricks of the trade - but he insists there are no real secrets.

"You make wine when the grapes are ready.

"You preserve olives when the olives are at the right time.

"You can dry tomatoes in the summer time.

"The week leading up to the show I get my wine off the shelf, my olives out of the fridge."

He said that leading up to the show he would have a family get-together to create some of the food.

"One of the reasons I do it more than anything is because I like to hand over the culture to my kids," he said.

"They enjoy it, they come up to make the puree, the salami, the sausages.

"We made 40 or 50kg of sausages and they were up helping.

"That's really the main reason - it's a fun day and you get all the family together."

Wine, Beer & Italian Home Preserves

Judging: Wednesday, January 30, at 7pm.

Awards presentation: Friday , February 1, 3pm at the Wine Pavilion.

Public tasting: A public tasting (wine, beer) will follow on Friday, February 1, from 3.30pm - 5pm.

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