Struggling to find a connection
Struggling to find a connection

The internet's missing connection to the town

THE sound of dial-up internet tone has a funny nostalgia to go with it.

It's funny to think about waiting minutes for web pages to load or having to be careful not to send too many pictures in an email or it will take way too long.

We've definitely come a long way since the days of dial-up. It's fair to say high speed internet has transformed from a luxury into a necessity.

Laptops are now on many school's book-lists, mobile phones are no longer just for calls and "just Google it” is a commonly used phrase.

It is shocking to hear stories like Cass Kimmin's who, despite the necessity of having internet, simply can't get online.

The only option for people like Cass is mobile data which is expensive and very poor value for money.

Many ISP's offer unlimited ADSL for around the $70 mark, so to be told you can have 100GB of mobile data for $100 is a tough pill to swallow.

We did pose Telstra with the question as to why there were not enough ports at the exchange to start off with and they have told us it was to do with supply and demand.

However Stanthorpe's population has not grown that drastically in the past few years.

It seems like a case of poor planning on Telstra's part.

Here's hoping NBN will be a smooth transition and will solve these problems.

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