RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Kim McCosker can turn just four ingredients into a wholesome meal.
RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Kim McCosker can turn just four ingredients into a wholesome meal.

The four ingredient recipe for success

TAKE four ingredients, one pot, one new cookbook with more than 70 recipes, and one hard-working mum - a mother of three boys - and banish dinner-time stress for good, while also supporting your local community.

That's the dedicated and passionate message from Kim McCosker, born and bred in Stanthorpe, who has already written 32 cookbooks which have sold more than eight million copies worldwide, and is famed for her easy approach and practical tips.

Ms McCosker is determined to spread the word about simple, nutritious meals for everyone from busy households, to the elderly, to travellers, and has for the first time now joined forces with IGA stores around Queensland and northern NSW because she respects and admires the way they contribute to local communities.

Her newest book, The Easiest One Pot Cookbook Ever, will be officially released on June 27 and sold exclusively through IGA supermarkets.

Also the national ambassador for IGA, Ms McCosker said this week that the community-focused stores worked well at a grassroots level and "it's the locally owned businesses that support and invest in their communities".

"This is what builds stronger regions for us in the longer term, and the richer our communities are for it," Ms McCosker said.

Her range of 4 Ingredients cookbooks has been gaining popularity for the past 10 years, and she said she would recommend the new book to families, older people or those living alone, shift-workers, bachelors, campers and caravaners.

"We know that at 3pm, 80per cent of Australia don't know what they're having for dinner that night - so this is perfect," she said.

"Everyone is looking for the same solution: wholesome, home-made food that is easy, fast and with little clean-up.

"I'm a mum of three boys and they each do different sports, I'm busy anyway, but come this time of year when I'm up to my eyeballs in soccer, rugby and motocross, I've got to be able to walk in at 6pm, and have dinner on the table by 6.30pm.

"I kind of write recipes that relevant to me, and it ends up relating to a large portion of the population."

Ms McCosker said she wanted people, including school leavers, to feel confident in the kitchen, and she encouraged her own sons to cook meals each week.

"Success breeds confidence and if you can do one of these recipes, you'll try another one.

"Cooking is 100% a life skill and the sooner you get your kids interested in food, the sooner they understand that you are what you eat."

She said the recipes in her new book also provided plenty of "good veggie smuggling tips".

"We're also so blessed where we live - in terms of nutrient-dense soil, we can grow the most amazing produce."

While Ms McCosker encouraged healthy eating and recommends carbohydrates that nourish, her mantra is: everything in moderation.

"Totally, I'm saying make that caramelised ice-cream cake! And there is an apple slice in there that I hope every school leaver learns how to make."

Natalie Spano, owner of the Stanthorpe IGA as well as the IGA stores in Warwick and Gatton, said she has cooked some of Ms McCosker's recipes.

"I love cooking, but these are so simple and very, very nice. They're unreal. They're very practical and save you having to buy any pre-made food.

"I'm Italian and I like to cook everything fresh. Then you know what you have put in. Cooking should also be fun. If you want to get people involved in cooking including young kids, I think Kim has done a great job. They can think, 'Yeah, I can do this.'

"But if you give young people a complicated recipe they'll go straight to McDonald's."

The recommended retail price for The Easiest One Pot Cookbook Ever is $29.99, but the IGA will be selling it for $19.99 while stocks last.

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