UPDATE: THE two police officers involved in shooting dead a man in a Sunshine Coast street were 'doing it extremely tough'', the Queensland Police Union says.

QPU president Ian Leavers told media in Brisbane a short time ago that the shooting 'all happened in seconds''.

Police were forced to act almost immediately after getting out of the car.

Both fired shots.

After the man was shot the officers tried to administer first aid.

The brother of the deceased has identified the man as Edward Wayne Logan, 51, from Melbourne, News Corp reported.

Don Logan said "our thoughts and sympathies are with the police force".

"We have no animosity towards police. We are feeling for the officers."

There was no confirmation in relation to the the weapon the 51-year-old interstate man had.

Police were reluctant to go into too many details as the matter was now before the Coroner.

But they did confirm one officer was a first year constable.

He dad been in the job for at least six months.

Only one had a body mounted camera, which was running, that he had brought from home.

Only one had a taser at the time.

Asked about shooting to incapacitate - in the leg, or hand, or shoulder, Mr Leavers described that as "fanciful" and "stuff out of the movies".

Lawyers call for separate probe into police shootings

QUEENSLAND civil libertarians have called for an independent inquiry into the spate of police shootings following the death of a 51-year-old NSW man on the Sunshine Coast on the weekend.

Lawyer Terry O'Gorman, the president of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties, said a similar inquiry in Victoria had resulted in better training for police.

Mr O'Gorman told the ABC an independent inquiry by the chief coroner should be held in Queensland.

Since September there have been four police shootings, three of which have been fatal.

On the Sunshine Coast, many on the Daily's Facebook page have questioned why police did not use their tasers or at least shoot the man in the legs.

The man, who was staying with his son, her partner and their new baby, reportedly went on a rampage in Outlook Drive, Tewantin about 2pm on Sunday. 

The ABC reported the man was in town to attend a family birthday party at the house when he turned violent.

Acting Police Superintendent John Bosjnack said the two constables were confronted by an armed man and the 51-year-old was shot in the street several times in the chest and died.

The man was reported to be armed with a steel pole with a wire on it. He was also reported to be in possession of a knife.

Police have not confirmed the type of weapon.

"He did have a weapon. The incident was quite confronting from my understanding and it's a matter that will be put before the coroner," Act Supt Bosjnack said.

QPU president Ian Leavers told the ABC the officers' lives were threatened.

"It shows the police were confronted and they made an instantaneous decision with a view to defending their lives," Mr Leavers  said.

"There was no time whatsoever - as they were getting out of the car everything unfolded immediately and we are very lucky we are not hearing about the death of a police officer."

Officers from Police Ethical Standards Command as well as officials from the Coroner's office are expected to investigate.

A local resident, who did not want to be identified, told the ABC he was shocked at the police response.

"I don't know why they had to take him out - he didn't have a gun," he said.

"There has got to be a better way in this day and age - surely they can shoot better than that.''

Many on the Daily's Facebook page were also defending police in the face of criticism from 'keyboard warriors'.

Harmony Compston wrote: "The joke at the force is "pull out anything but your firearm" because the amount of paperwork and attention that comes with pulling your firearm is extensive.

"It was obviously necessary in the situation and unless any of you were there then you have no right to speak as if you know what happened just because you heard it from the media.''

But Margo Bennett saw it differently: Surely there was another way - like tasering - to stop this man. Why has it become so necessary to use a gun every time there's a standoff ? Licence to kill. Sad.

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