Teen's destructive crime spree

A TEENAGER who has "wreaked havoc" on the Warwick community during his criminal career is due to be sentenced today for his part in a destructive rampage at the weekend.

Thomas Allan Eames-Parker appeared in Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday and also faced a litany of unrelated charges.

He pleaded guilty to a total of 22 charges and is due to re-appear for sentencing this afternoon.

They included several from an attack on a man with an intellectual impairment and his involvement in the bashing of a girl.

The teenager and three juveniles - two male and one female - started a wave of destruction that rippled through Warwick at the weekend.

The crew began their rampage at Graeme Collins Automotive and made their way to the School of Total Education (SOTE), the United Service Station, B&K Motors and Cafe Jacqui's.

At Graeme Collins Automotive the group smashed the windscreens of two new vehicles and punctured a large Honda sign.

The neighbouring SOTE was next on the hit list, where they smashed a sliding door and damaged a gate on school play equipment.

Eames-Parker and his co-offenders then travelled to the United Service Station where they set off a fire extinguisher, covered windows in foam and then threw a sewer grate through a window.

Despite initially swearing on the lives of his grandfather and one-year-old son to having no involvement in the service station incident, Eames-Parker later made admissions to police.

Not yet satisfied with the amount of damaged caused, the group continued along Warwick streets, smashing windows at Cafe Jacqui's, B&K Motors and an empty shop along the way.

In a separate incident, Eames-Parker unleashed a deplorable and unprovoked attack on a man with an intellectual impairment.

The court heard Eames-Parker and co-offender Blake Nicholas Surch targeted the man outside Rose City Shopping Centre on November 26.

Police prosecutor Steve de Lissa told the court the two men taunted the victim and at one point Eames-Parker grabbed his groin and "thrust" it towards the man and then spat at him.

Eames-Parker told police he didn't mean anything by it, was just "having a good time" and thought it would be funny.

The teen also pleaded guilty yesterday to one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm while in company and one of common assault.

The court heard Eames-Parker "tackled" a young girl into the Condamine River on December 3 and later stood by and "coached" a boy as he physically assaulted her.

Sentencing was held over until today as to allow probation and parole officers to be present and offer sentencing recommendations.

Snr Const de Lissa told the court the 18-year-old had wreaked havoc on the community in his short criminal history and recommended he been given parole or a suspended sentence.

The teen has been in police custody since Saturday evening.

Snr Const de Lissa told the court he was hoping to have damage estimates to present to the court today but it was earlier reported the damage was likely in excess of $10,000.

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