Teen lamb killers may go to jail

YOUNG Clifton children bottle-fed and pet them so when the 12-week-old lambs were approached by two teens they didn’t struggle as they were bludgeoned to death.

But almost eight months later the responsible pair’s sentencing was adjourned yet again in the Warwick Children’s Court yesterday.

The two 16-year-old boys – who by law cannot be named – pleaded guilty to five charges including injuring animals, stealing (stock animals), stealing (a pushbike), trespass and entering premises and committing indictable offences and were released on bail with special conditions but have until August 9 to find out if they will serve actual jail time for their crimes.

Magistrate Anne Thacker adjourned their sentencing and ordered a pre-sentence report compiled by the Department of Communities to assist in sentencing options.

“It seems to me the (sentencing) range may include probation and may include imprisonment,” Magistrate Thacker said.

“That’s nine to 12 months for adults but I haven’t located cases with (defendant) children.”

The police prosecutor said the tame lambs were taken from their pen at Clifton Police Station to a private residence where they were punched, kicked and beaten with pieces of wood until blood oozed from their mouths and died.

Some of the attack was captured on film and the dead lambs were then dumped in a drain near the school.

The court also heard weeks after the November 21 slaying, the teens jumped the Clifton Pool fence and “broke a bottle of wine” in the water which had to be drained and cleaned, allegedly defecated on the ground near the popular swimming spot and stole a push-bike.

The pair’s defence counsel Phillip Crook said they were remorseful for their actions and had participated in a youth conference where they had to face community members, an RSPCA member and the Clifton Police sergeant who purchased the animals for his children and were fed by other nearby pupils.

One of the teens has also attended two sessions with a psychologist, with the second also instructed to do the same under the conditions of the pair’s bail.

“They have admitted to everything else but both have denied the faecal matter at the pool,” Mr Crook said.

“They have been the butt of community disapproval and scorn... they were very, very drunk and are both very, very remorseful.”

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