Tanya Wright and Sophie Wallace at touch rugby during finals week.
Tanya Wright and Sophie Wallace at touch rugby during finals week. Gerard Walsh

Tanya tunes up for finals

TOUCH football star Tanya Wright will take to the field twice today, to compete in two grand final games; women's and mixed.

Wright has been a fan of the game since a young age, with the sport stealing her heart at age 15.

The all-rounder said touch had been a passion for years, and it had only grown the more she played.

Wright played her first game of touch football with the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba and since then, it has been hard to pull her off the field.

She said she loved the game and everything involved with it.

"What don't I like about it, let's go with that," Wright said.

"I'm very competitive and it allows me to be a bit aggressive, without being too masculine, and I love the camaraderie of it and being part of a team," she said.

When Wright moved to Warwick in 1998, she started out in the ladies competition but soon ventured into the mixed team, where she now runs alongside her husband, Jason.

"I started off playing ladies, but as I got more social I joined mixed and there you have your partners playing and it's a lot of fun," Wright said.

"The ladies team is lovely, it's made up of other teachers and their friends and they're a lovely bunch of ladies and they all play hard."

Both on and off the field, Mr and Mrs Wright work well as a team and are "best mates".

"There is a bit of rivalry, I mean we both appreciate each other's sporting abilities, with his main being with AFL, and he has only sort of recently started with touch but we play pretty well together."

But the game does not get left on the field with two competitive players.

"We do tend to deconstruct the game in the car on the way home from games," she said.

Today, Wright's women's game is at 4pm and although they are playing a junior team, she said the competition is still as fierce as ever.

"I don't like losing, and we're playing juniors but they're fast little things, so we'll have to see how we go," Wright said.

Wright has also been crowned secretary of the touch rugby committee for 2012.


Grand Finals

  • 4pm: F1 Comets v Mrs Chuck Norris, refs T Martin, J Cochrane.
  • 4pm: F2 Hoffy's Gang v Olsens refs, R Stewart, M Benn.
  • 5pm: F1 Bundy Bears v Olsen's Produce, refs T Cox, T Knight.
  • 5pm: F2 Warriors v Baguley Generals, refs R Stewart, G Lollback.
  • 6pm: F1 Breakaways v Can't Touch Its, refs T Cox, R Stewart.
  • 6pm: F2 Tops Off v DV8s, refs T Martin, G O'Leary.
  • 7pm: F1 Blue Chip v Byrne Auto refs, R Stewart, D Lawler, C Miller.
  • 7pm: F2 Bears v Assumption refs T Martin, G Lollback.

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