Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.
Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud. Michael Nolan

Swing to MP Littleproud

TWO swings caught Maranoa MP David Littleproud by surprise.

The first - an increase in his own vote of more than 6per cent - consolidated his position as the Member for Maranoa, while the second saw his party, the Liberal National Party, defy the polls and grab government.

Going into the election as the Minister for Agriculture means Mr Littleproud can throw his hat into the ring to take the job again.

"A ministry is at the discretion of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister,” he said.

"I'm glad to be the Member for Maranoa, anything above that is an honour.”

Mr Littleproud said it was "an exciting night” and that he was so busy watching his own results he did not notice the way the vote tally was going.

"About 8.30pm one of my staffers said 'we're going to win the whole lot',” he said.

Seven candidates contested the seat but only the Australian Labor Party's Linda Little and One Nation's Rosemary Moulden scored over 10,000 votes, still a long way short of the 38,721 received by Mr Littleproud.

He had stinging words to say for the multi-horse race, saying that while he respected the minor parties' right to run, they were "fringe dwellers”.

"They're tearing away at my side of politics,” he said.

"They're professional complainers, they're yelling outside the room.”

Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party came in last place with just 1602 votes.

Even though Mr Littleproud had one of the safest seats in Australia, his tracking across his huge electorate, which is twice the size of Germany, "didn't leave much in the tank”.

"You never take your seat for granted,” Mr Littleproud said.

"I realised when the numbers came in that I was going to get a second go.

"I'm going to go hard again to deliver for the people of Maranoa. They deserve it.”

While he might have been busy, it was a quiet day at polling booths, with officials estimating only 750 people voted at St Paul's church on election day, as opposed to 800 the day prior.

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