Self confessed soft drink addict Rebecca Thompson is trying to kick the habit.
Self confessed soft drink addict Rebecca Thompson is trying to kick the habit. Chris Ison

Sugar hit through soft drinks is a hard habit to shake

REBECCA Thompson is trying hard to beat her addiction to soft drink.

The teenager is well aware her favourite drink, Coca-Cola, is packed with sugar, but she still loves it.

"I went through one phase where I was drinking 600ml of soft drink a day," she said.

But Rebecca, 18, is taking steps to cut down on sugar, and has swapped Coca-Cola for the sugar-free Pepsi Max.

"I try to stick to one can a day, because I know they're not real healthy," she said.

Rebecca's not the only one indulging in the sugary drinks.

Around 14% of Queenslanders admitted to drinking non-diet soft drink daily, while 16% of kids aged 5-17 years drank non-diet soft drink daily, according to the Cancer Council.

The Cancer Council has launched a new ad which features a man drinking a can of fat, representing the extra kilojoules from sugar-sweetened beverages that aren't burnt off.

But the Australian Beverages Council said the new ad was misleading.

CEO Geoff Parker said sugar consumption by Australian children via sugar sweetened beverages had fallen in recent years yet obesity was still a problem.

"Research shows only 1.6% of energy intake for kids comes from soft drinks which have declined from 3.3% in 1995," he said.

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