Rylie Kent, 12, after racing for Murphy.
Rylie Kent, 12, after racing for Murphy. Susannah Thomsett

Students in pool duel

ASSUMPTION College students yelled themselves hoarse yesterday cheering their classmates on in the Interhouse Swimming Carnival at WIRAC.

Teenagers Pat Gribbin, Dimity Brackin, Thea Milburn and Brodie Frizzell kept the friendly house rivalry alive with a string of wins and places between them. Pat, 17, is a cricketer by preference, but he represented Murphy house in every 50 and 100m event regardless.

"Hopefully Murphy will get up. We've got good support, everyone is having a go," Pat said.

Dimity was rearing to break the 50m butterfly record for Doody house, after winning the 50 and 100m freestyle for over 15s earlier that morning.

Dimity said she mostly swims, but also plays netball as a shooter. "I started swimming in Grade 3, I think. I had asthma, and it's supposed to help with that."

Thea, 14, swam all the under-15 events over 50m plus 100m freestyle, and won both the freestyle races over both distances. She belongs to Campbell house, and butter-fly is her most hated stroke.

"My age group is a bit competitive, most of us swim out of school as well," Thea said. "We sometimes train together, I also take private lessons."

Brodie, 16, only swims during P.E. classes and carnivals. Nevertheless, he raced in all the 50m events and 100m freestyle for Campbell house.


House championship: Campbell 1372, Doody 1196, Murphy 1046.

Championship runners up: Paris Milburn, Leah Blakemore, Thea Milburn, Alisha Van Der Poel, Tessa O'Brien, Darcy Bourke, Sam McLennan, Harry Llyod, Justin Lippiat, Luke Roche.

Age Champions: 13 years: Larissa Millard, Michael Coleman. 14 years: Dimity Brackin, Greg Hoffman. 15 years: Hayley Millard, Alex Stewart. 16 years: Codie Brackin, Connor Brown. 17/18 years: Haylee Wilson, Brodie Frizzell.

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