MORE TO COME: One down - two to go. Weddings, not daughters that is.
MORE TO COME: One down - two to go. Weddings, not daughters that is. Contributed

Stress and tears all worth it

One down - two to go. Maybe that sounds a little harsh - I am talking about weddings, not daughters, although for me it all falls into one category.

The first day of spring is supposed to signify promise, birth, renewal and new love, so what better day for my daughter to have chosen to celebrate her wedding? And what a wedding it was.

The lead-up was, to say the very least, the most stressful thing Shelbi had ever put me through (other than her birth) and by the time the morning came I wondered if any of us were going to have the mental fortitude to get to the end of the day alive and in one piece.

But lo and behold, we not only stayed alive, but we had the best day possible.

The day was, quite simply, perfect; the weather was to die for and St Mary's Church in Warwick provided the most stunning backdrop with the afternoon light filtering through the stained-glass windows.

As I turned to see my husband walking our daughter down the aisle, I realised all the stress, all the what-ifs just didn't matter.

Here was the most stunning bride I have ever seen, on the arm of my very nervous husband (I'm not actually sure who was holding up whom) about to marry the man of her dreams.

It was a day where we learnt that my grandson is not afraid to dance up a storm in front of a church full of people, that my new son-in-law is a grubby footballer and a terrible fighter (or so the stories go), that single women are vicious when the bouquet is being thrown, that my daughter still has an amazingly beautiful voice (yes, she surprised us all at the reception by singing a song she had written for her husband) and most importantly, that it is the friends and family we choose to have in our lives that will always be there to lift you up.

And suddenly, just like that, the day was over and as I sat and reflected, as only a mother can, I wondered where the time had gone.

Wasn't it just yesterday that Shelbi was pushing puppies dressed in baby clothes around the house in a doll's pram, or trying to convince me that she didn't have to be at school today because the teachers said so?

How can the joy of seeing my youngest daughter so resoundingly full of love and maturity, be mixed in with the emotion of letting go of that same little girl?

And in the moment, I realised that it was okay to have a million feelings running through my head and two million tears running down my face.

At the end of the day, no matter what life throws at either of us, there is nothing in this world that will ever sever the bond between this mother and daughter - not even a Warwick wedding.

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