The proposed Arcadia lifestyle resort.
The proposed Arcadia lifestyle resort.

Legal hurdles throw Granite Belt resort off schedule

A LENGTHY legal stoush over a proposed retirement development has been resolved, but not before placing the build a year behind schedule.

A development application for a 90-home over-55s lifestyle resort on Torrisi Terrace was approved by Southern Downs Regional Council in December 2018.

Despite the strict conditions imposed by council, members of the Marino family, who own land adjoining the Torrisi Terrace site, lodged a legal appeal in the Planning and Environment Court of Queensland in January of this year seeking to have the council approval overturned.

According to their appeal, the build constituted 'overdevelopment' of the subject land and that the configuration of stormwater systems proposed by JVY Group would result in stormwater flows damaging their own adjacent property.

The parties came to a resolution after amendments were made to council's conditions of approval.

JVY Group, headed up by national sales manager and former Stanthorpe girl Dianne Fielding, now hope to break ground mid-2020.

"There's been a few hurdles but basically what we'd say is we're thrilled with the outcome," Ms Fielding said.




The proposed resort is set to built along Torrisi Terrace.
The proposed resort is set to built along Torrisi Terrace.




"While we've been held up because of the appeal, we've still been working on the project so we can bring it about as quickly as possible.

"We're now in the operational works stage. We'll proceed with that after Christmas and once we get the approvals we'll move onto civil works," she said.

Ms Fielding concedes the legal process "took a lot longer than we thought".

"We were really hoping to be under wat by now."

The initial schedule had ground on the Arcadia Lifestyle Resort being broken in the first half of 2019.

"We had all confidence it would be resolved in our favour but we had to go through the motions."

Despite Stanthorpe's current troubles, Ms Fielding said they were never deterred from continuing with the project.

"By the time we break ground and start to do things it will be mid next year.

"We're committed to come there. We still think it's a great idea for Stanthorpe and the district.

"We're believing there's going to be lots of rain for Stanthorpe. It has got to come some time.

"With everything that has happened it makes everybody re-evaluate how the population is going to be catered for.

"It has maybe needed to be done for a long time but sometimes it takes a crisis for action to happen," Ms Fielding said.

Once finished the resort will have a $5 million central facility building, swimming pool, sauna, yoga rooms, gymnasium, a cinema complex, function room and plenty more.

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