YOU'RE WELCOME: The Granite Belt takes up half of Warwick's Wotif description.
YOU'RE WELCOME: The Granite Belt takes up half of Warwick's Wotif description. Contributed

Stanthorpe's the reason for Warwick's latest win

IT APPEARS nobody told the staff at Wotif that the Granite Belt and Warwick aren't actually the same place.

Warwick may have the title for number 10 in the Wotif 2019 Aussie Town of the Year awards, but the description of Warwick sounds a lot like they think the Southern Downs and the Granite Belt are the same thing.

"Warwick is also about an hour's drive from Queensland's famous Granite Belt - a premium food and wine destination with stunning national parks that make an excellent addition to a Southern Downs road trip," the website reads.

To The Border Post it seems like the only reason Warwick was nominated was because they have fantastic neighbours.

Granite Belt Wine and Tourism vice president Martin Cooper agreed.

"The reality is any publicity is great publicity," he said.

"The fact that Warwick's there and we've got 50 per cent of the coverage is great."

Although he doesn't believe it makes Stanthorpe look like Warwick's bridesmaid, he does hope in future Stanthorpe will get to be the bride.

"If we can look at how Wotif got Warwick up there then let's have a look at it."

Warwick was the only Queensland town listed other than Palm Cove.

Entries are decided on a combination of value for money, demand and the strength of customer reviews for specific regions.

"It's probably the major reason Warwick has been nominated, because it has the Granite Belt to support it," Mr Cooper said.

"But what a great thing to add that as another reason for your drive."

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