AIM HIGH: Little Athletics enjoyed high jump this week.
AIM HIGH: Little Athletics enjoyed high jump this week. Contributed

Stanthorpe Little As enjoy jumping high

Little Athletics: On a very hot Saturday afternoon, Granite Belt Little Athletics enjoyed their second last meet of the year.

With spray bottles, ice blocks and shade organised, participants enjoyed their meet as always.

The four events this week were discus, relay, high jump and middle distance.

Discus on Saturday was both a skill session, then practise throws in the net, and even small group assistance to push some of those excelling.

Relay was, as always, a fun event focusing on skills, and this week participants were practising their baton changes.

Middle distance on this hot Saturday was a timed event, the older athletes had a choice of 400m or 800m, and all younger athletes ran the 400m.

Students continue to excel and inspire, with all of the children finishing their runs.

High jump was the other event measured this weekend, and many students chose it as their favourite.

"I got a PB in both high jump and 400m this week. Best day ever,” Jake Walker said.

Ella Wren said discus was her favourite event.

"I know I'm getting better because the coach said I was,” she said.

Louella Tomkins also chose discus as her favourite.

Aiden McCosker loves everything to do with sprints.

"I just always win,” he said.

Jason Maggiolo also said anything about running was his favourite, but he is always keen for hurdles and looked forward to high jump this time.

Georgia Petrie said she can't pick just one favourite. "All of them. I can't choose.”

There is one last meet for the year this coming Saturday, for which many fun activities have been organised.

There is an obstacle course, potato sack races, and fun relays of mixed groups including adults.

Santa will make an appearance this coming Saturday and the Christmas raffle will be drawn.

Tickets can still be bought for the raffle right up to the draw.

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