NEW DEPOT: Nykki Sutherland at the new containers drop off depot on the corner of Devadi and Baker Streets.
NEW DEPOT: Nykki Sutherland at the new containers drop off depot on the corner of Devadi and Baker Streets. Matthew Purcell

Stanthorpe cash for cans depot moves to bigger site

STANTHORPE'S cash-for-containers recycling scheme has moved to a bigger site to cope with "overwhelming” demand.

Containers For Change now employs a full-time staff member, Nykki Sutherland, and has moved from a shipping container in the post office carpark to the corner of Baker and Davadi Streets.

Six months into the program, which launched in November last year, demand is finally steadying, Ms Sutherland says.

But she anticipates a bigger facility will be needed at some point in the not-so-distant future.

"It's actually been a lot bigger than we thought it was going to be,” Ms Sutherland said.

The scheme allows people to exhange sorted recyclable aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers for cash or electronic payment.

When it launched last November organisers were expecting about 500 items per day but have been processing 10,000, Ms Sutherland said.

"About 50,000 for the week - it's good, it keeps all our landfill off the streets which we...hoped it would.”

Many of the people taking advantage of the scheme are kids earning pocket money or cash "for the tuckshop”, Ms Sutherland said.

"A lot of older people are doing it just to help for little holidays that they're going on,” she said.

"We get a lot of backpackers as well, that are coming in and getting into it.”

She said "eventually” the depot would have to move again, and she was hoping a more permanent site would become available.

The site has to store containers for a day and a half, she said, with trucks arriving three days a week to pick up the items.

The space fills quite quickly, she said.

Ms Sutherland said there were no current plans to open on weekends, because of staffing limitations.

Find Containers for Change opposite the train station at 20 Davadi St.

All participants need to check the sorting and other rules when they register at


  • Remove caps / lids and empty containers
  • Not all containers can be exchanged. Check the barcode of any container at for its eligibility
  • Squashed cans and bottles can be refunded at over-the-counter depots such as Stanthorpe's depot on Davadi St.
  • Bag and tag your containers. Instructions are at above website.
  • The scheme targets recyclable containers usually consumed away from home such as soft drinks, water bottles, small flavoured milk bottles. Drink containers usually consumed at home such as cordial, plain milk, wine and spirit bottles, condiments and cleaning, are excluded.
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