Redbank Plains Tavern CCTV footage

Rifle-wielding bandits raid tavern in frightening hold-up

IPSWICH detectives are investigating two robberies committed within hours of each other over the weekend.

Although they do not appear to be linked, the use of a firearm in one of the offences has given authorities great cause for concern.

The first of the two incidents occurred at a bottle shop on Brisbane Rd, Goodna about 8.45pm Friday.

Police said three men placed several bottles of alcohol on the counter, but then took them and ran off without paying.

The 28-year-old shop attendant pursued the men, confronting one of them a short distance away.

One of the offenders punched him in the face and continued running towards Mill St.

The three men are described as being of African appearance, with two in their 20s and the third believed to be aged in his 30s and 182cm tall.

The attendant was treated for facial injuries at Ipswich Hospital.

About three hours later, two men entered the Redbank Plains Tavern armed with what appeared to be a rifle.

The men demanded money and employees complied, handing over a sum of cash.

The men fled and were last seen on Redbank Plains Rd.

Nobody was injured. Investigations are continuing.

The offences have angered local area councillor Paul Tully, who has called for tougher sentencing.

"We need a California-style law which sends serial offenders to prison for 25 years to life after three offences," Cr Tully said.

"These criminals need to take responsibility for their offences and not be let off lightly by their crocodile tears and smooth-talking lawyers."

Cr Tully called on judges to listen to law-abiding citizens and impose sentences that reflected community attitudes.

"They should come down out of their ivory towers and get a grip on reality and understand how the community is angry with their weak sentences imposed on violent offenders," he said.

If you have information phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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