GOOD COP: St Joseph's School adopt Sergeant Daniel O'Dea as part of the Adopt-a-Cop program.
GOOD COP: St Joseph's School adopt Sergeant Daniel O'Dea as part of the Adopt-a-Cop program. Contributed

St Joey's adopt their very own good cop

Digital Technologies and Visual Art

WITH major works completed on several classrooms over the holiday break, rooms were ready for students to begin learning Visual Art and Digital Technologies subjects.

On their first day back, Year 7 students had their first lesson in Digital Technologies where they learned that programming is the way to give instructions to a computer system.

As a practical example they used Lego blocks to build structures, with one person delivering the instructions and one person building the object without assistance.

During the year students will build on their skills to create a robot and will then program it to follow a line on a course.

While Year 7s learned about computers, Year 8 students spent their first art lesson brushing up on colour theory.

They used icing and food colouring to create an edible colour wheel to review primary, secondary and intermediate colours and discussed warm and cool colour schemes and complementary colour sets. And best part? They got to eat their colour wheel.


ST JOSEPH'S School is participating in the Adopt-a-Cop program aimed at building positive relationships between police and members of the school community.

St Joseph's School 'Adopted Cop' is Sergeant Daniel O'Dea who has been an officer for over 22 years, with 14 of those years serving the Stanthorpe community.

Sgt O'Dea hopes to develop a rapport with the school community by conducting functions including delivering classroom presentations in partnership with teachers, attending key school events, such as fetes, swimming carnivals and/or sports days, attending school ceremonies and assemblies; and conducting informal "drop in” visits. Sgt O'Dea is already well known and respected for his participation in many roles in the school community.

The Adopt-a-Cop program benefits include enhanced safety and well-being of children through education, positive attitudes of children towards the police and the community, the encouragement of law abiding behaviour, increased community satisfaction with the Queensland Police Service, greater community support of the Queensland Police Service and the professional development of police officers and police liaison officers.

Stanthorpe Border Post

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