Epic snake battle caught on video

SNAKES ALIVE: Epic death battle captured on video

AN EPIC battle to the death between two snakes has been captured on video by Ballandean woman Jenny Hillman.

Mrs Hillman was walking along the Severn River with her dog Barry this morning when she spotted the two reptiles embroiled in combat that was not for the faint-hearted.

In the tense six-minute video the opponents bite, wrestle and even attempt to drown their rival.

It was initially believed the snakes were a large eastern brown and a juvenile red-bellied black snake, but Facebook users suggest the larger snake was likely a spotted black.

Mrs Hillman happened about the scene behind her property, where rock pools had formed after the weekend's rain.

Jenny Hillman captured an epic battle between two snakes at Ballandean.
Jenny Hillman captured an epic battle between two snakes at Ballandean. Jenny Hillman

"I go down to the river every chance I get with my camera at the ready and over the years I've captured a few unusual sights," she said.

"I saw the red-bellied black snake moving around among the rocks on the far side of the pool and thought I could get a photo of him swimming across if I was lucky.

"I was amazed when suddenly I realised he was in a life and death struggle with another snake.

"I got as close as I could with the dog attached to my belt for safety and I guessed that they weren't remotely interested in me anyway so I started videoing the fight."

Mrs Hillman said the incredible battle lasted about an hour before the larger snake appeared to emerge victorious, dragging the red-bellied black snake up the rocks and out of sight.

"I didn't see the actual finale and whether the winner enjoyed his meal, but he certainly fought hard for it," she said.

"I am a bit shaky with the camera on video these days so I had to stop and start a few times but I watched the smaller snake put up a good fight and he bit the larger one many times.

"But the larger snake had him by the tail and he wasn't letting go. I saw them try to drown each other and they had a real tug of war."

Mrs Hillman said a colony of ants even got involved, biting the red-bellied black at one point.

"I felt sorry for the little snake and it crossed my mind to try and break them up but you can't interfere with nature and it would have been quite dangerous, I suspect," she said.

"I love photographing nature and it doesn't get much better than today".

Mrs Hillman posted the video to her Facebook, where it was shared hundreds of times and has since been viewed more than 20,000 times.

"I can't believe how much interest there has been in this video, it's been a mad evening on Facebook," she said.

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