Council calling for Slade tenders

FOR those who are adamant Slade campus would be the answer to Warwick State High School's overcrowding, time is of the essence.

Council is calling for tenders for Slade's sale and the group is pleading for the government not to be short-sighted and let the land go to developers.

While Slade campus as a solution is supported by many, others are not keen to see a split campus, and question the economic viability of bringing the heritage site to modern standards.

The Daily News could not get local builders to put a price tag on it, but Roulston Builders' Doug Roulston said it would be “expensive”.

“I've done little bits and pieces up there, but two of the buildings have been purpose-built for boarding, which doesn't suit what the high school would want,” Mr Roulston said.

“Those buildings are just accommodation, and so they would need to be changed completely.

“It would be a big job just to price it; you could do stuff out of price books and come up with realistic numbers, but you would need the intent or the scope.”

Surveyor Gary Hayes warned about the work involved in bringing heritage-listed building to conform to the standards of the day.

Cr Neil Meiklejohn, who was aware of general costings from previous council research, said the heritage buildings would need to be extensively refurbished and others would still need to be ripped down.

He said he understood the issues at the high school and they needed to be addressed, but added, “I just don't think that Slade is the answer”.

However it's not just the Save Our Slade group that looks to the campus as a solution. Some pupils wrote to the Daily News to say how they still loved the idea and the space.

Lilian Burrill said, “Slade school's extra space must be utilised as there are too few classrooms at the high school and, maybe more importantly, simply not enough space”.

And Damien Byrnes said the wide-open spaces at Slade would be ideal for students to “burn off their energy during the lunch breaks, and many shady trees for us to sit under and enjoy the fresh air and the sun while reading a good book or just socialising with friends”.

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