Slade asbestos comments inaccurate

CLAIMS Slade Campus is “riddled with asbestos” could have done damage to council’s attempt to sell the historic property.

At Wednesday’s general meeting, councillors expressed their concern over “inaccurate” comments allegedly made in the media by a Department of Education spokesperson.

Mayor Ron Bellingham said the issue was brought up when a local delegation met with the department acting deputy director-general and the misunderstanding was “cleared up”.

However, Cr Ross Bartley asked to see the asbestos report council previously commissioned and said: “If we are going to sell the campus, inaccurate comments won’t help.”

Cr Bellingham said one building did contain asbestos, but it was subsequently removed, and there was now no danger, but Cr Mally McMurtrie urged council to “put something out there to say it’s not true.”

“This could have done a lot of damage in the industry,” she said.

Another misunderstanding cropped up with Cr Bellingham saying the department admitted it had not inspected Slade and agreed to do so as part of consultation for the master plan.

The department yesterday denied any visit was planned.

Cr Bellingham said: “They didn’t give a commitment but they said they would look and I volunteered to make time available to show them round.

“A lot of people in the deputation were a little disappointed but at least we are getting the department to listen.”

Rather than ease concerns over the ever-increasing size of pupil numbers at Warwick State High School, the meeting with the Department of Education seemed to heighten them.

Cr Neil Meiklejohn said it was “beyond him” why the department includes land used “for grazing a few sheep” in its pupil to land ratio.

Cr Jo McNally said she was greatly concerned by suggestions more building would be done on Hamilton Oval.

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