SISTER ACT: Performers, Jennie and Emma Wardle of Nine Year Sister.
SISTER ACT: Performers, Jennie and Emma Wardle of Nine Year Sister. DEIRDRE SMITH

Sisters singing success

lighting, a crowd of hundreds of people and an artists lounge made Emma and Jennie Wardle of Nine Year Sister 'feel like the movies', when they played at Noosa recently.

The pair were performing at the 21 Summers songwriting contest which they went on to win with their new song 'Seaside Dreaming'.

"We had the night of our lives,” said Emma.

With no musical training but a batch of songs they had written themselves, the pair only started performing in April. Snowflakes in Stanthorpe last month was their first appearance in front of a public audience.

"When we did Snowflakes it was such a big crowd,” said Emma.

"We were so nervous.

"But nerves bring out the best.”

The two collaborated to write the song 'Seaside Dreaming' and describe it as 'our same sort of vibe, pop folk but like a big movie soundtrack'.

Noosa FM had been playing a lot of their music and so they appreciated the chance to meet 'amazing artists' and the program presenters.

"We were outsiders,” she said.

"Everyone else seemed to be from the Sunshine Coast.

"They were seasoned professionals but we're amateurs.”

To win the Noosa contest, their song was one of ten selected for performance and they then took out the vote decided by the audience.

Their scriptwriting endeavours started as 'a bit of a challenge'.

"You listen to a song and you have a certain feeling,” said Jennie.

"I wanted to see if I could create that feeling.”

At 31, she is older than Emma by nine years and the difference became their name, Nine Year Sister. They are number two and four in the family and while they have two other sisters, Belinda and Lauren, 'they can sing but they're not as interested'.

Sharing a house with their family near Storm King Dam, the last few months have been busy with practising, setting up gigs as well as producing all their own music They have also released a self-titled album, 'Nine Year Sister' and put their music on digital music websites including Bandcamp, YouTube and Spotify.

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