Shysters spurn holidays

CON artists aren't having a holiday from haunting Warwick residents with scams this Christmas season.

Warwick Police are asking all to remain alert during the remainder of the festive season, with reports of fresh hoaxes hitting the homes of residents.

One home owner contacted the Daily News about what she called an "unusual" scam.

"We had a call from someone saying they were from the Australian Government and they said they had been overcharging us (in tax) and we were going to receive about $5000 in the bank," she said.

"He said we just had to clarify my husband's name and address, which he already knew, and said that he was on the pension - all things that were correct.

"All my husband had to do was give him the date of birth, and he said the cheque would be at our place in five hours."

This scam appears to be one of many, with other locals fielding calls from con artists claiming to be from banks.

The Warwick pair said their caller had an Indian accent and proceeded to give them a fake name and ID number.

Both cottoned on to the scam because it sounded "too good to be true".

"But it was impressive - he knows where we live, he has (my husband's) full name and I would have thought only the government would know that," she said.

"After, he asked if we wanted the cheque to go into our accounts and we said no because we didn't want to give out the account details."

Needless to say, the $5000 cheque didn't arrive.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Council recommends people get independent advice if an offer involves money, and never send money or credit card details to anyone you don't know or trust.

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