Showing a fair bit of ticker

THE washing machine packed it in last week and I teased my elder daughter that I wouldn't be able to watch her compete in her school swimming carnival because I'd be buying new whitegoods.

“That's OK. I won't win anything anyway,” Miss 10 said.

Wrong, darling. You've already won, if your efforts last year are any guide. (They were.)

The example she'd set the previous year is testament to her character: She's all heart. She'd taught me a beautiful lesson, without knowing she'd done anything special.

Boots and all

MISS 10 is not a great swimmer but she'd again nominated herself in all events she was capable of doing.

Last year I wasn't confident she could actually complete more than 50 metres freestyle (and then not in a timely manner), but she nominated for 50m in all strokes excluding butterfly, in which she contested the 25m event, and a further 100m freestyle.

She put in her best effort to try and gain points for her house.

Needless to say the events were won by stronger swimmers and rightly so. After all, they had put in many hours of training.

Proud parents

BUT I couldn't have been any prouder than their parents, a pride I hope was also experienced by the selection of parents whose kids put in an effort similar to Miss 10's.

I was more proud of her being an also-ran in a challenging race than I would have been of her taking the easier path and placing in 25m events.

At the risk of ruffling a few feathers, I was disappointed that children who were capable of swimming 50m elected to swim 25m in order to improve their chances of winning.

To me, 25m races should have been contested exclusively by those children who could only swim 25m.

Great effort

MISS 10 is a kid who always tries her best and doesn't take the cop-out.

She is fortunate in that she has the confidence to tackle most things, even if they might be a bit beyond her.

I wish I knew what particular parenting skill I possessed that gave her that confidence so I could trademark it. More likely, she was just born with that dogged disposition.

Don't get me wrong, she's not a perfect little angel (who doesn't eat the yoghurt in her lunch box nor tidy her room) but her positive attitude is something to be admired.

Your thoughts

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