EXPANDING: The Fine Arts section of the Stanthorpe Show is set to grow this year.
EXPANDING: The Fine Arts section of the Stanthorpe Show is set to grow this year. File

Show art is set to expand courtesy of new sections

THE Granite Belt's arts scene is thriving, with growing numbers of enthusiastic creatives expected to enter this year's Fine Arts Section of the Stanthorpe Show.

Chief Steward for Fine Arts Mary Rofe said that last year the popular section attracted about 120 entries, many of which were junior entries as well as about 60-70 adult entries.

"And it's gradually been increasing with more sponsorship and a new category for emerging artists,” Mrs Rofe said.

She said there was a special prize this year for emerging art, a category which featured in the adults and junior arenas.

"The community is full of really great artists. And there's a great need for the youth to get involved in the arts.”

Mrs Rofe said artists would be offering workshops throughout the show and there would also be pottery demonstrations available.

"I think art has been proven to have many befits in the community. It allows people to express themselves and have a great sense of pride. They can bring their families to have a look at their work hanging on the wall.”

She said there was a network of artists throughout the region, and groups who worked together during the year sharing their artistic experiences and supporting each other.

"It elevates the mood of the community when people get involved in the arts.”

This year, the Fine Arts Section will use a more spacious area, the former Tea Pavilion.

"We hope to see lots of entries from digital artists, Indigenous junior artists and artists responding to the themed sections in Junior and Senior Art,” Mrs Rofe said.

"There will be the opportunity to talk to practising artists and for the young ones to get used to the feel of working with art materials themselves.”

Art entries will be received in the new artspace in the Tea Pavilion from 4pm to 6pm on January 28th.

A prize presentation will be made by Mayor Tracy Dobie from 7pm on February 1 in the Tea Pavilion.

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